Favorite Photo :: James & Katie

From James & Katie’s Ponds at Bolton Valley Wedding….

From James :: “I love this photo because it reminds me of just how excited I was at this moment. After months and months of waiting I knew that I was about to finally see the dress, the day would be about to really begin, and we would be able to relax and have fun. I had been standing on the dock, nervously waiting and desperately wanting to turn around, incredibly jealous that I could hear the rest of the wedding party up behind me who could all see Katie and knew exactly what she looked like. As she walked up to the dock I could hear her getting closer, and all I wanted to do was turn around. Then she almost fell over climbing up to the dock and it was almost impossible to stay standing still and facing out to the lake. I will never forget feeling Katie tap me on the shoulder, and then turning around to such an perfect sight, and this photo just brings back everything leading up to that perfect moment.”

From Katie :: “After the ceremony and right before dinner was served, Amanda pulled us outside to snap a few more photos. This is one of my favorites. I love the way we’re looking at each other and I love knowing that we are married in this photo! Catching both of our rings when I look at this picture, makes me feel excited all over again that I get to be married to James! We couldn’t stop smiling all day, and we just enjoyed each other and the people celebrating with us all day long. Even after taking all our formals pictures, and smiling through our ceremony and cocktail hour, when this picture was taken we still couldn’t stop beaming, even when it was just the two of us and we had a minute to let our guard down.”

Middlebury Family Photos

Ross & Annie’s Basin Harbor Club wedding is still one of my very favorites ever. When it came to my attention that they didn’t have many family photos it was time to remedy that situation! We met up at Ross’ parent’s house on a beautiful morning and I had fun chasing these three kiddos around. It’s so fun watching sibling interaction – Brewster & Mason are like peas and carrots but they both dote on little Beazy who is a week older than Norah. Lots of fun was had. Enjoy the photos and let’s not it let be so long until the next time!! xo





















Family Trip to Acadia

In June Jeff, Norah and I made a repeat trip to Acadia. We were there last summer for Stu & Mallie’s wedding and this year we met our good friends Giles, Cathy, and Ezra there. We rented a house and due to the babies were on QUITE a different schedule from last year but it is such a great town and area we had a blast. Enjoy a few photos and click here to see our photos from last year.
First corn on the cob (she’s a big fan)

Our little lobster!
A beautiful hike along the coast….Norah was too sleepy to enjoy the view!

One day the boys did the 18 mile loop road on their bike
Meanwhile Cathy, the babies and I took a beautiful hike around Jordan pond
And then ate popovers and lunch – yum!
Selfie at Jordan Pond
Sleep schedules go out the window on vacation – here’s Norah in the big kid bed!
Buddies Ezra and Norah
Lupines are my FAVORITE
Slightly different from last year! Hiking up Penobscot Mountain
Too chilly for a swim in Sargeant Pond this year



Vacations are the best!

VT Family Photography :: Luke & Leif

I loved hanging out with this sweet family on a recent beautiful summer day. Enjoy the photos!
Sweet Leif

Luke and his Dad

Airplanes are much more interesting than family photos!!


Attempting to get a photo of just the boys – the result makes me laugh






Pants are overrated especially when they get wet by wading!


A few of Sarah and Ed

Luke is VERY into superheroes right now – here he does his best Hulk



Vermont Tented Wedding :: Jay & Laura

Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0083Jay and Laura were married on August 2 with a ceremony and reception at Laura’s family home. The house has been in Laura’s family for generations. It was the perfect Vermont tented wedding.

The couple met at a theater camp, even though they grew up 1/2 mile away from each other. After knowing each other for 12 years, they decided it was time to tie the knot!

Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0001The girls started by getting ready at the house. Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0002Laura wore her great grandmother’s necklace, the note on the box was so simple, yet sweet. I love the shot of the program on the right, a daddy long legs was in the perfect spot at the right time! I think it was good luck! Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0003Hair & Makeup were expertly handled by Laura Ruppel. Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0004Laura’s nephew was just two months old!
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0005 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0006The guys eventually came over to the house and got ready in a back room. Everything was very low key, with Laura even greeting the boys when they arrived.
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0007 Laura’s proud Dad takes a snap of his beautiful daughter
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0009 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0010 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0011 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0012 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0013Love this moment between Laura & her Mom, and check out the beautiful necklace! Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0014We did the official first look on the front porch of the house and it was so sweet. Laura’s veil was very long so while they were having their moment, Laura’s Mom was holding the screen door open so it wouldn’t close on the veil! Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0015 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0016 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0017I couldn’t help but capture so many of the portraits of Laura & Jay. It was so clear from their expressions how in love they are. I love that they really enjoyed each other that day, which doesn’t always happen since there is so much action swirling around the bride and groom. They made it a point to relax and spend time together, and of course I enjoyed capturing it! Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0018 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0019 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0020 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0021 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0022 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0023 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0024After portraits of the couple, we did bridal party and family portraits and then the girls were shuttled to the top of the hill to hang out out of sight while guests arrived.
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0025 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0026 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0027Laura’s beautiful dress & the bridesmaids dresses were from J. Crew. Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0028 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0029 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0030
Of course, not everyone had help getting ready! Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0035They utilized much of the property for the event – the ceremony was in an upper field with a refreshments station as a stopping point under the shade of a beautiful tree. The ceremony itself was held in the middle of a field with amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The receiving line was under the tree and then guests walked down the hill to the tent below.
Jay waiting for Laura. Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0036Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0037An observant groomsman caught the falling ring – PHEW!Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0038Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0039Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0040Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0041Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0042Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0043Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0044Laura’s niece Josie walked up to Laura during the ceremony to show her some toys – that’s Laura’s embarrassed Brother in the background but it was THE sweetest moment and had everyone laughing.
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0045Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0046Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0047Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0048Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0049Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0050Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0051Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0052Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0053Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0054I love this series with Laura and Jay and their parents. This really was a celebration of two families coming together.

Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0084 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0085
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0057Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0058Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0060Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0061 Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0032
In lieu of gifts Laura & Jay made a donation to the Heifer project and the table names educated guests about the different animals the money would go towards buying
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0082Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0033Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0031Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0034Catering & Linens were from Occasions. The tent was from Celebrations, and it was perfect in this beautiful setting.
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0062Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0063Because we had done all the photos beforehand, the cocktail hour felt very relaxed and then dinner began with a welcome by Laura’s parents followed by good food!
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0064Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0065Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0066Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0067A few more toasts happened and after the cake cutting people were invited to an upper tent for barn dancing!
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0068Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0069Laura’s niece Josie once again stole the show by singing a song to Laura & Jay during her Dad’s toast.Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0071Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0070I loved Jay’s antics during the cake cutting….clearly he was excited to sample it!
Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0072Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0073Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0074Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0075Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0076Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0077Fireworks ended the dinner portion of the reception.Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0078And then the barn dancing began!Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0079Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0080Vermont-tented-wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0081Laura & Jay – From start to finish the day was so wonderful – thank you to you and your families for welcoming me with open arms and making me feel like part of the family. I hope you can get back to Vermont soon for good – it would be great to have you close by!