Best Detail Photos Vermont

The details of a wedding – so much time and effort goes into planning them I love capturing them in all their glory. The people are my favorite part – people and relationships but the details are like eye candy! Here are a few favorites from last year….
Colby’s wedding ring
Katie & Colby’s placecards all hung up – perfect coordinated by A Polished Plan
Kami’s beautiful bouquet (mint!) created by Randi of Silver Toad Floral Design
Sarah & Avery’s table settings
Can you imagine a more perfect spot to get married? Sarah and Avery couldn’t.
Buckets of baby’s breath lined the aisle at Sarah & Avery’s wedding
I love a good tented wedding – Janet Dunnington made sure that everything was flawless at Sarah & Avery’s
A beautiful arbor for Katie & James created by Alison of Floral Artistry
A nod to James‘ roots with their signature drink
Stephen & Laura’s wedding cake was topped with mice in a canoe – so sweet!
Simple and beautiful table settings at Laura & Jay’s wedding by Occasions Catering
And at that same wedding beautiful Linens by Occasions
Laura & Jay squeezed a dancing tent in between the barns – the perfect fit!
This boat sailed in the harbor behind Jessie & Pat’s ceremony and when they were married a new flag was hoisted and a cannon was fired – pretty awesome!
Jessie’s colorful fresh bouquet by Robin Hollow Farm
Delicious cupcakes by Snowflake Cupcakes at Emily & Peter’s wedding
Onward to 2015!!!

February 2015 Instagram


February 2015 Instagram memories…..cold snowy walks in Vermont, warm and wonderful Turks & Caicos, and a growing changing girl!

Recommended :: All the Light We Cannot See


When we were on vacation in Turks & Caicos I couldn’t put down “All the Light We Cannot See” – it had been on my list for awhile recommended by multiple friends and it didn’t disappoint. This National Book Award Finalist alternates between two story lines – that of Marie-Laure, a blind child who is taught how to navigate her world by her Father’s model of her neighborhood and Werner a German orphan turned soldier. Both character’s stories are told against the backdrop of World War II and both are equally interesting. I highly recommend this wonderful book!

You’re So Golden Photography & Styling

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the two women behind You’re So Golden – a new business that offers photography and styling services with impeccable taste. Emily is behind Clementine Store in Middlebury which is a haven for stylish items – gifts, cards, etc. – I love going in there and oogling all the beauty! Jess is a photographer in Burlington who does really lovely commercial work. We met up at The BCA Center and proceeded to laugh our way through our time together. If you are a business in need of photography contact these two ladies they are tops at what they do!










Bathroom Makeover

I realized recently that I had never shared images of our bathroom “makeover” that we did… almost 2 years ago!! When we moved in the previous owner had taken a cabinet with her that left a white spot on the wall over the toilet so it was high on the list of to dos. I love bathrooms because they are so small – we did all of this in one afternoon!

The before….pink walls – we didn’t mind the color but you know how I feel about blue – since we really haven’t painted any others rooms I knew I needed my happy blue place! We ended up taking down a large mirror and replacing it with a much smaller one so that blank spot needed to be covered up. We took the hardware (towel bars and toilet paper holder) down and spray painted them a darker blue.


In progress – go team!
The after! We still need to lower the picture above the toilette….we are really bad at little details like that that take approximately 2 minutes. 2 months after Christmas and it still hasn’t happened!!
I love the artwork in our bathroom – I framed an instagram photo for our anniversary last year – it’s of Jeff, Norah, and me walking on frozen Lake Champlain last winter.
I bought this print on Etsy a few years ago – it says “as long as you are here with me this will feel like home”
A great Stephen Huneck print – “love is give and take”


My gift to Jeff this Christmas was our wedding vows in calligraphy – I love how they turned out! The artist used our wedding flowers and blue (!!) ink