April 2015 Personal Photos

April….the month where the temperatures finally started climbing UP and we were able to get outside more….heaven! Norah still loves riding in the backpack and will often go over to it and gesture to get in!
Early spring beach explorations
A fancy party dress from Nana
An Easter egg hunt (she was a BIG fan!)
A three day bug with VERY high fever and a very lethargic little lady poor duck!
She loves carrying around absolutely as many things as she can hold!
A nice day spent at home with Dad and the doggies – my heart bursts!
A few post nap photos

Throwing sticks with Holden
And her first ride on Fia’s gator!
Tubby time is still a favorite
And she’s getting better and better at using her spoon
17 months of fun!
We visited Grandpa and Grannie in Pennsylvania – Norah loved sitting on the lawn mower and stealing Grandpa’s breakfast!

First ice cream at the Scoop (she was a big fan)
And 2 nights spent at the lake – she loved exploring
Life is fun at this age!

Favorite Photo :: Laura & Jay

Today our favorite photo share comes from a wedding which was one of my favorites last summer – Jay & Laura’s beautiful backyard wedding

Laura writes :: “There are so many wonderful ones that it’s hard to choose just one! But, I think my favorite is the photo of me and Jay holding hands running in the field. There was a moment after dinner when I wanted some time just with Jay away from everyone else and I asked Amanda to “take us aside” for some photos and we ended up breaking into a run. I needed the moment of alone time to breathe deeply and soak in the day and it felt like this symbol of our future together–supported by our amazing family and friends in the background, but about the two of us alone embracing what’s ahead of us. I get this sense of a different kind of freedom when I look at the photo: I’m embarking on a new adventure and this time it’s with my best friend. ”


Jay writes :: “Too many favorites! I love the family and group shots in front of the barn, us in front of the cabin and house. The photo of Josie presenting her truck with her father in the background kneeling with his face in his hands with everyone else laughing is a classic. A few of my absolute favorites are of Laura and me after the receiving line. We had a few minutes in the upper field to breathe and relax and to take everything in for a brief minute. There is a wonderful photo of us in front of a beautiful large single tree in the middle of the field with the green mountains in the background. Shortly after that, we walked down to the reception and there a few wonderful photos of us walking with Laura’s veil blowing in the breeze–they always make me smile.”


“If I could only have one, though, it would probably be one of the ones of us walking up the dirt road hand in hand. We both have huge smiles and everything is perfect.”


Thanks, Laura & Jay!

Recommended :: The Signature of All Things


My friend Eileen recently posted that she couldn’t put down “The Signature of All Things” – when I saw it was written by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Prat, Love fame) it immediately jumped to the top of my list. I too was hooked within the first chapter – the story is told so vividly and it makes me marvel at the creativity of writers to create such characters and scenes. It’s long (almost 500 pages) but I read it within a week – the best kind of book! I’d highly recommend it!!

Recipe :: Simple Sesame Noodles

Some nights my brain has not made a plan for what to cook and I look at the clock and realize I have 10 minutes until dinner should be on the table. Enter this simple sesame noodles recipe – most likely everything is in your pantry and just about any protein or veggie can be added to spice it up. Hallelujah. I

Simple Sesame Noodles from The Pioneer Woman

12 oz. fluid thin noodles, cooked and drained (I found some pre-cooked ones at my market that just need to be sauteed for 1-3 minutes – hooray!)
1/4 c. soy sauce
2 T. sugar
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 T. rice vinegar
3 T. sesame oil
1/2 t. hot chili oil
4 T. canola oil
2 T. hot water
4 whole green onions, sliced thin

Whisk all the ingredients (except noodles and green onions!) together in a bowl. Pour sauce over warm noodles and toss to coat. Sprinkle with green onions.


We cooked these up with shrimp and zucchini but as I said above you could do anything – snap peas? edamame? peppers? peanuts? The possibilities are endless!

March 2015 Personal Photos

March – that month where it’s still winter but you are really really really ready for it to warm up already! I kicked off the month by spending a weekend at the lake with my best friend Sarah sans the kiddos – heaven! We crafted from dawn until dusk and got a LOT accomplished. The secret I found was cutting out most things in advance so I could just sew once I was there.
The bounty at the end of the weekend – my stuff on the right and Sarah’s on the left
Then it was back home to this sweet girl and her Dad
Sun! (But still frigidly cold)

Outside without a coat on….progress!
Silly time before bed while I sew

I love so many of the patterns on her clothes and am trying to get photos of her in all of them – this is an Old Navy hand me down from her cousin Maggie….it’s just about too small now!
Dad helps with the monthly photo as she now wants to pick up the blocks and play with them!
She loves Strider and Sage so much and they are oh so patient with her! Strider loves sleeping on her sheepskin
Another favorite outfit – Boden pajamas that don’t normally show a hint of belly! She’s only allowed her paci in her crib but sometimes plucks it out – I let her have it for this photo as a memory!
Looking down from my lady cave to see these guys waiting to go out for a walk

Decided to have a pajama monthly photo because I love these so much!

Norah’s buddy Ezra came to visit and they are finally old enough to really interact and enjoy each other – he just started walking this week so we are looking forward to seeing them next weekend!

Tubby time with Ezra