Book Recommendations

One of my favorite things to do is curl up and enjoy a good book…especially with the weather being chilly outside. Add a woodstove and a cup of tea and you have a perfect afternoon 🙂

As November was winding down I started reading….a lot. Then I forgot to blog about the books I was reading so now I have to catch up! Here are a few I’ve read in the last month or so:

I picked up “Hay Fever” at a cheesemonger (love that word and love any store that exclusively sells cheese!!) thinking that it would be similar to The Dirty Life which we read last year for Girl’s Crafting Weekend.

I enjoyed it but found the author to be a bit full of herself at times – name dropping and the like. Still….an enjoyable and easy read.

The Strangers on Montagu Street” goes under a good beach read that you can read in a night or two. My friend Alyssa introduced me to this author and used to lend me her books but now that Alyssa has moved to Texas (boo!!) we can’t book swap anymore. This is the third book (I think) in this series and I’ve really enjoyed each one. Good characters and absorbing plot.

This book was also the first I read on my new Kindle! I do like the feel of a book but for convenience it can’t be beat!

My Mom lent me “In the President’s Secret Service” which is a non-fiction book written in a very user friendly and approachable manner. Some of the facts were fascinating – it’s amazing how much behind the scenes preparation goes into protecting the President (and many other important people) and the sheer number of people it requires. A good read!

My friend Megan lent me “The Best of Me” and this also goes in the beach read/can’t put down category. I love me some Nicholas Sparks!! The Notebook had me before hello (if you haven’t seen the movie run don’t walk) and I’ve read a few of his other books since then. This follows the same lost romance storyline but it’s good 🙂

That’s it for now – more books coming soon 🙂