Brother & Sister Bear Road Trip to New Mexico!

Before heading to Vegas for WPPI I flew out to New Mexico to visit my Brother Jonwho is working out there for two months. He’s in Santa Fe but we quickly got out of dodge – taking a road trip to southern New Mexico.

The first day our destination was Truth or Consequences (mostly due to the name!) which we reached after dark. This town had been called Hot Springs, NM but T or C was a popular game show in the 50s and when the host said he’d do a show from any town that changed their name to T or C they took him up on it….pretty amazing!
In the meantime (Jon’s photos) we saw a sign for the Very Large Array and decided to detour a bit off of our route. These 27 satellites are movable on railroad tracks and used to study the sky. Scientists from all over the world can send in coordinates and then are sent back the data. Contact was also filmed there (that’s how I knew about it!)

After leaving the VLA we decided not to back track and instead drove on a dirt road for literally 50 miles….we saw two other cars.

Somewhere along the way we saw a hand painted sign for a cemetery pointing up the hill and decided to turn left and go check it out. We never found the cemetery but the light was very pretty so we got out and took some photos.

Since it was starting to get dark we climbed back in the car and continued on to T or C. The sun was just setting and we decided to get out again to watch it….the beauty of vacation – stop and smell the roses (or see the sunset!)
The next day our destination was White Sands National Monument. On the way we drove by the White Sands Missile Range and stopped into the missile park there. Scary and disturbing.
On we went to better pursuits and nature and we were not disappointed. White Sands is a mix between a dessert that looks like it’s covered with snow. People buy sleds to zoom down the dunes but we decided to instead walk around -there is a 4.7 mile hike through the dunes and again we saw only four people on the whole walk.

My Brother visited Yellowstone National Park earlier this year and found out from the ranger that 99% of visitors to Yellowstone don’t go more than 50 feet from the paved road. The Old Faithful Geyser viewing platform is 50 feet from the road.

Here’s to really exploring and getting off the beaten path!

The light there was just amazing and the clouds created such a moody feel – pretty incredible.
We took a break and Jon was the first to bravely slide down the dunes – I was still trying to somewhat minimize the sand in my shoes but I quickly realized it was a completely lost battle!
We stopped at the edge of the Alkali flat and just enjoyed the view and scenery.
The journey continues
By this point the sun was starting to set and was streaming beautifully through the clouds
Thank you timer!
At sunset on our way out it looked like snow
The next day after spending the night in Carrizozo we started heading north again towards Albuquerque for my flight.
These were taken along Route 380

The end!