Business Boot Camp!

I just returned home from an INTENSIVE 2 1/2 day workshop called Photo Biz Boot Camp given by Liana Lehman. Liana said that none of us would have time to blog but here I am – blogging before I delve into a VERRRRRRRRRY long to do list (#1 on the list – figure out just what I have to do!)

The website says that BBC is “an intense, intimate two-day experience designed to help you take your photography business to the next level, enforce business health and profitability, and create a better work/life balance.”

Well she got the intense part correct! All of our brains were bursting at the end of each day (usually 9-10 P.M.)….and we had homework! Truly though it was a wonderful time of learning and camaraderie – teaching each other and being taught by Liana. There were only 7 studios participating so each of us got one on one attention that benefited everyone.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, to the wonderful Graziers for hosting, and especially to Liana for giving her knowledge so freely – we are all better business owners because of it!

Thumbs up for the Business Boot Camp!!!

On Tuesday and Wednesday sessions took place at a local B&B. By dinnertime we were ready for a change of scene so hit up some local restaurants. We went Candlepin bowling on Tuesday night – a first for me! This is pathetic and I can’t believe I’m admitting it but I actually pulled a muscle in my leg while I was bowling 🙂

This is the typical scene though – papers everywhere, laptops out, and coffee and Coke freely flowing!

Liana, Lauren, and Krista giddy because their brains are about to explode!

To finish off the Boot Camp we had a shoot at the Graziers house. Here Lauren gets comfortable in their phenomenal soaking tub (my dream) while Matt shoots away

Matt and Enna – always serious.

Maureen, Meghan, and Matt shoot away

Eric looking suave

Watch out Syracuse – Meghan is in the house!


Thank you to our fearless leader Liana. We’re not quite sure why she’s wearing a lobster on her head – but darn if she doesn’t still pull it off and look cute 🙂

A group picture from Eric!

Thanks for an awesome time – now it’s time to WORK!!!