Canning Peaches

The day after canning 60 pounds of tomatoes we decided to try our hand at peaches. We started with halved peaches and then got a bit more creative by the end of the day.

The process started the same as the tomatoes – boiling to get the skins off. I’m not sure if the peaches weren’t ripe enough or there was something else going on but we ended up having to use a vegetable peeler on most of them so the process was a lot more labor intensive than the tomatoes when the skins slipped right off.

Filling up the jars we used the green gizmo to clear air bubbles from the sides of the liquid and found that two forks were the best way to maneuver the peaches into place

You blanch the peaches before putting them into the jar

Nellie was hanging on the porch but Strider and Sage had had enough of being outside 🙂

We also made a few batches each of peach lavender butter which required reducing and blending. I still haven’t tried mine but might this weekend on a piece of toast 🙂

Quite a good haul!

Happy Columbus Day weekend! We are headed up to the lake!