Catalog Overload

A friend sent me to this cool site where you can easily opt-out of receiving many common catalogs. It seems that I receive 6-10 catalogs a week that I’ve never heard of/have no interest in receiving. Why not take a few minutes and reduce the paper coming into your home? Less bothersome to you, better for the environment – a win for everyone!!


Did you know?

  • Over eight million tons of trees are consumed each year in the production of paper catalogs.
  • Nearly half of the planet’s original forest cover is gone today. Forests have effectively disappeared in 25 countries, and another 29 have lost more than 90% of their forest cover.
  • Deforestation contributes between 20% and 25% of all carbon pollution, causing global climate change.
  • More than one billion people living in extreme poverty around the world depend on forests for their livelihoods.
  • There are other significant environmental impacts from the catalog cycle. The production and disposal of direct mail alone consumes more energy than three million cars.
  • The manufacturing, distribution, collection and disposal of catalogs generates global warming gases as well as air and water pollution. Reducing the number of unwanted catalogs that are mailed will help the environment.

Good for you, merchants, and the environment


The Catalog Choice service is designed to benefit everyone.

  • You benefit by reducing mailbox clutter, and the amount of time you spend sifting through unwanted mail.
  • Your participation benefits merchants, lowering their cost of distribution and helping them better target their market.
  • Your participation as a member of the Catalog Choice community collectively promotes the use of best practices in the direct mailing industry.
  • Your participation as a member of the Catalog Choice community will collectively make a huge positive impact on our environment, as together we reduce the energy consumed, the carbon emissions, and the lost forests resulting from the current annual production and discarding of more than 19 billion paper catalogs.
  • Finally, these benefits are cost free to you.