Vermont Landvest Properties

For the past few years I’ve worked with the Vermont Landvest team to photograph most of their properties. They truly offer the best of the best in Vermont so I’ve been privileged to see some truly stunning properties. Most of what I photograph is within an hour or so of Charlotte but occasionally I go further afield which is also fun. Some of these properties have already sold (Ave & Wade are VERY good at what they do!) but more information on the remaining ones can be found by visiting their site. Winter is always a quiet time for real estate photography but I know as soon as those leaves pop out I’ll have a long list!

Jacked Up Banana Bread

Norah has been super into baking lately (and doing it all MYSELF) so I’ve been looking around for easy recipes. A few weeks ago we had some very over-ripe bananas and I had an AHA moment – banana bread! I don’t remember really liking it but this recipe is moist and delicious and EASY for kids to help because everything goes into one bowl and over stirring isn’t a problem. I follow Smitten Kitchen on Instagram and she has a TON of great recipes that I’ve been printing out lately to try. This is a great breakfast or lunch dessert or snack – very versatile…..go try it out!

Smitten Kitchen’s Jacked Up Banana Bread — YUM!

Baby Fox!

Back in the late spring I happened upon this fox one night when we were taking some photos of Norah in the daffodils. Good thing my Aunt Deenie was there to lend me her SUPER long zoom lens. Voila- sweet baby fox!


Jane Reinvention Project

Back when I lived in CT I loved having GNO (Girl’s Night Out) once a month with three close photographer friends – Carla Ten Eyck, Nikki Nicole, and Jane Shauck of Iris Photography. We would gather for drinks and talk business, family – whatever was on our minds. This group proved so helpful to me not only for the amazing friendships but also for the business advice and support I got through it. Since we’ve moved I’ve made it back every few months for GNO and it’s one of the things I miss the most. Last winter the girls scheduled a VT GNO (which was actually two nights away!) and we had a blast. Jeff was out of town for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves. Of course we nerded out on goal setting and planning but also just caught up. Carla also got to drive a tractor for the first time – a big highlight. Can you tell how much we laugh when we’re together?



For the past few years Jane has been doing a project on people who reinvent themselves in some way. I was honored when she asked me if I could take part and the trip to VT provided the perfect backdrop to snap some photos. A few are below but please visit her site to read my full interview about “reinventing myself” – thank you Jane!!




Love you ladies!! xo

Shelburne Farms Education Programs

Last week I headed over to Shelburne Farms on a steamy summer day to photograph some education programs that were taking place. It’s so interesting to hear the educators and all their many ideas for creating unique and engaging programs for youngsters and adults alike – enjoy the photos!








After lunch I headed over to the Coach Barn where a larger group of educators (with more coming by bus for the afternoon!) were doing a workshop and listening to Shelburne Farms’ own Jen Cirillo give a talk – another great group!