Norah November & December 2016

Lots of fun memories here!
Supervising Jonathan & Ethan making glass on an unseasonably warm November 1st (Norah was barefoot!)

Natural consequences of making a mess

Ready for her first sleepover at Beama’s house and looking like a teenager!


Jeff got a drone!

Still loves her babydolls

Third birthday – picked her up early from school and took her bowling and then to dinner at Archie’s!

Making her birthday cake with Beama

More warm weather calls for skooting in bare feet!


A small celebration with friends and family

Burping her baby and carrying ALL the things!

Thanksgiving at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa

Bedtime delaying tactic? Her doll Molly had to go to the bathroom!

She barely fits in there anymore!

Picking out our Christmas tree

The Polar Express!

Scenes from the bathtub

Sledding at High Acres with cousins

Belly getting bigger!

Christmas at home with Bapa, Grannie, and Jon!

Naughty doggies!!!

Happy (Christmas!) birthday Bapa!

To the lake for a few days with her bestie Emily

Boys and their toys….more drone fun.

The shower was the biggest hit they could have played in there for HOURS.

A New Year’s Eve walk!

Trip to Ireland

After wedding season was over we headed to Ireland for a family vacation with my Dad & Annie and Uncle Jon. My Dad emigrated in the early 70s so I am half Irish. I hadn’t been back since 2000 and Jeff had never been so we were excited for the opportunity to travel. For the first week we rented my great Grandparents old house with the whole family and then Jeff, Norah and I struck out on our own to explore the south western coast for a few days. It was a really nice mix of catching up with family, seeing beautiful sights, and having fun adventures. Traveling with Norah at almost 3 was mostly easy as we’ve learned to just let go of routine and trust that it will come back upon our return. Most days we’d push her nap an hour or so past so we could have a late lunch and then do some (driving) site seeing in the car while she slept – it worked pretty well. It has been nice as she’s gotten older to know that the world won’t fall apart // she won’t be a total disaster if she skips a nap – now we’re back at square 1 with Julia! Enjoy the photos.

She requested Uncle Jon push her on the way into the airport

My Great Grandparent’s house (which hasn’t been in our family for decades) had the most magical gardens perfect for exploring and running around!

Carrying ALL the things!

My cousin’s boyfriend is an amazing fiddle player (nationally known in Ireland!) so one night we had a jam session in the living room. Norah was supposed to be in bed but heard the music so we let her come down (see above re. letting go of schedules) – she still talks about it!

Exploring the Rock of Cashel

An amazing abandoned church – Athassel Abby

And an abandoned castle overgrown and awash with blackberries and roaming cows – magical!

The crew!

Fota Wildlife Park was a total hit with Norah – a great destination for little kids!

She literally spent at least an hour playing pretend with the tea setup in our hotel!

Glorious scenery

One of my favorites from the trip….patiently waiting for lunch!

Car nap!

A frigid and windy run

Reunited with Bapa and Grannie for lunch!

The Cliffs of Moher – gorgeous

She waited the whole vacation to have this lollipop and was tickled when it was finally time!

Norah Fall Photos

My love of photography started as a child looking through old family photos. Now I take pleasure in documenting Norah’s life and creating the albums that she’ll look back at for years to come. I find the volume of photos I take ebbs and flows but at least a few times each month I try to pick up my real camera instead of the ever present Iphone and take some photos of what her life is like. They’re so much fun to look back on and already bring me back and help me remember little details I have forgotten.

Smoothies in the morning. Berry picking with Beama. Her first trip to the Shelburne Museum. A stage of maximum hair accessories.

In mid September we met up with my best friend Sarah in NYC and took a few days to enjoy the city. We didn’t get too much further than exploring the playgrounds of Central Park but we had a ball.

New York sure does playgrounds well – there were about 5 within a 10-15 minute walk and the girls loved it.

Little monkeys at the Central Park zoo

Playing in the fountains at the playground on E. 72nd street

Loving tackle hugs

A trip to Dylan’s candy bar

Back in Vermont picking apples with cousins

Still sleeping on the floor with Baby Sammy tucked in close by

Stretching out summer with popsicles on the porch

Learning that her new sibling would be a sister!

The hand me down dress from her cousin Fia that she wouldn’t take off until mid October when the Switch Witch came and swapped her summer clothes for fall

Bathtime giggles

Falling asleep with her baby carrier attached (and baby inside!)

Pushing babies everywhere and visiting Wally

An Indian summer day which we soaked in

Learning to pour milk all by herself

A visit from Grandma & Grandpa and a trip to Shelburne Farms for tractor day

Dinnertime antics with Dad

Another beloved hand me down dress

Playdate with her cousin Juna (wearing all of Norah’s old clothes – so fun to see them again!)

Mamma’s growing belly

The night that Strider got skunked (love to my Husband who took care of it)

Spectacular foliage

The perfect autumn day visiting Dad at High Acres

And a trip to Nana’s beach with the doggies

Driving home!!!

Going a little overboard with applesauce!!

A trip down to the lake for a few days of recharging and business planning with friends

Pumpkin carving with Dad

And her first time trick or treating dressed up as a ladybug

Life is so very sweet these days!

Cape Cod Summer Adventures

Every year in early August we head to the Cape to celebrate two special birthdays with my best friend Sarah…..her son Henry’s and her daughter Emily’s. Norah and Emily are just a few months apart and it’s been so fun to watch their friendship evolve as they grow up together. Now they both have younger siblings so that dynamic will be fun to observe as well. We kicked off the week with Emily’s birthday party which took place on a perfect summer day. Of course everything though simple was impeccably organized by Sarah and everyone had a wonderful time.

Sarah thought of every detail!

Unprompted hugging while waiting for the pinata (TOO cute.)

Sarah decorated this Mimi (mermaid!) cake which was delicious and everyone loved

Way too much fun going through the sprinkler with Dad!

Eve in all her cuteness

Quiet time before bed after all the guests had left

We had lots of early morning trips to the playground which thankfully is just down the street

And some AMAZING lobster rolls by Sarah’s Dad Bob impeccably styled by Sarah (photo is hers despite logo)

My beautiful friend and her beautiful girls

We headed to Rhode Island one day to meet up with a friend and her two girls. On the way back we snuck ice cream cones in the front seat!!

Sarah’s son Henry would have been 4 so we gathered on the beach to celebrate his birthday

Every year we write messages on lanterns and send them into the sky – it is a most meaningful and beautiful tradition.

Norah understood a bit that we were saying happy birthday to “baby Henry”

Such strength and grace.

Summer in Vermont

Although these images make me nostalgic for summer weather I’m still enjoying being cozied in this winter – I love having four distinct seasons and the different feels that come with each. We had a lot of fun this summer – some adventures and a lot of just quiet fun time at home. Norah is at a great age for exploration and is just happy to be doing pretty much anything! Enjoy.