Favorite VT Wedding Photo

It’s been awhile since I shared a couple’s favorite photo so here are Cat & John’s from their Basin Harbor Wedding last summer…..

From John: “My favorite photograph from the day is a photo of us in red and green adirondack chairs during our first look. The adirondack chairs are a big part of Basin Harbor and symbolize the relaxing, carefree nature of BHC.”

From Cat: “My favorite photograph from the day is a photo of us from our first dance. We took a few dance lessons in Nashville to prepare for it. The classes were really fun and we felt confident going into it. We didn’t feel stressed during the real thing and we we’re able to just enjoy the moment. I think our dance teacher would be happy with our form and the dip we pulled off at the end!”

Thanks for sharing!

Rehearsal Dinner Photos

I always love photographing rehearsal dinners because it lets me get to know who all the important players are and gets them familiar with me and my style – by the next day we’re old friends! When I arrived to photograph Cory & Molly’s rehearsal dinner the sky was almost black and a huge huge storm was blowing in. They made it through the rehearsal but about 5 minutes later the skies opened up, and rain and wind began to blow through the tent soaking everything.

Led by Cory, everyone lent a hand to move tables away from the edges and try to right things that had been knocked over.

Thankfully everyone kept their cool as plans for the next day (the forecast was similarly dire) were discussed.

People tried to make the most of the rain!

And there was jubilation (and craft beer!) when it finally stopped raining

Love this quiet moment of Cory and his Grandma

Younger guests finally succumbed sometimes with a little help from Mom!

A toast of cosmos to celebrate the memory of Molly’s Mom

And wonderful toasts and roasts by the Dads

A scrapbook of family recipes was the hit of the evening

It was a very fun night!

Mulford Farm Rehearsal Dinner

Jessup & Patrick kicked off their wedding weekend with a casual and elegant rehearsal dinner at Mulford Farm which was conveniently steps away from the church! The dinner itself was small but then after everyone was invited for a welcome party which lasted into the night. The weather was perfectly sunny and the large barn doors were thrown open to the outside. Colorful flowers dotted the table and lights were strung in the “backyard” to light up the dessert displays and other food offerings. It was a very fun evening!









Prouts Neck Wedding :: Beatrice & Aymeric


Beatrice and Aymeric were married on August 20th, with a ceremony at St. James Summer Chapel in Prout’s Neck and a reception at a private home down the street.

Beatrice and I went to the same high school just a year apart, and I got to reconnect with her at Talley and Zach’s wedding a few years ago, so I was so excited to see her again at her own wedding!

Bea and Aymeric met in a pub in London and saw each other across the room, but neither of them approached each other. For the next few nights, Aymeric returned to the pub, hoping each night to run into Bea. Finally, after about five nights of this, she reappeared, and he made sure to strike up a conversation so he wouldn’t let her slip away again!

Before the wedding had even started, it was clear that the day was about a coming together for so many people—especially because so many of the guests had come from out of town and out of the country.

The paper suite, designed by Cheree Berry, was gorgeous, and there were separate invitations for all the various events throughout the weekend.


The morning of the wedding, Bea’s sister and mother helped her don her beautiful gown, and we had plenty of time to get some gorgeous portraits of Bea and her family.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0002 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0004

Bea’s gown was embellished with this lace detail.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0005 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0006 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0007 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0008 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0009 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0010

From there, Bea’s mom walked down with me to the church, and so I was able to capture such a sweet moment when her granddaughter arrived—and then once we were there, nieces and cousins helped to welcome people to the wood-lined chapel before Bea arrived by golf cart.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0011 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0012

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0013 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0014

During the ceremony, I was stationed at the back, but I was able to get some lovely shots right down the aisle.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0015 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0016 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0017 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0018 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0019 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0020 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0021 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0022

I especially love this adorable moment when Bea’s niece reminded her brother that he needed to be quiet.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0023 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0024 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0025

After the ceremony, we all paraded back to the house led by a bagpiper.


The parade was really a highlight—there is such energy right after the ceremony, and the beautiful music filtered through the air and felt so celebratory.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0027 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0028

The bagpiper was a bit loud for some and the kids scattered as soon as their pictures were taken! The luncheon was hosted by Bea’s Aunt and Uncle at their home on the ocean.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0029 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0030 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0031 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0032 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0033

Once all the guests were seated, Bea and Aymeric snuck away with me next door to her parent’s house for some portraits of just the two of them.
prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0037 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0038 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0039

After the luncheon everyone had a rest and then we met up again a few hours later to ride in a golf cart to the beach for some more portraits. Aymeric looked dapper in his evening wear, and Bea had removed the lace overlay for her new look.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0040 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0041 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0042 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0043 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0044-1 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0044

Bea and Aymeric had focused their guest list to only family, so I was able to capture everyone that came—including pictures of both sets of parents


Then, it was time for the reception party as guests filed in on the spectacular sunny evening.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0050 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0051 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0052 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0053

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0046 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0045

The tent looked stunning with tall floral arrangements throughout.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0034 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0035 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0054 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0055

During the party, Bea’s father kicked off the evening with a spirited welcome, and then Aymeric toasted his new bride and told the story of how they met.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0056 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0057 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0058 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0059 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0060 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0061 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0062

After that, Ward Marston and his band kicked off an evening of timeless and classic jazz that had everyone—including the kids—out on the dance floor. It was so fun to see even the littlest ones out and dancing with their families! It really put a smile on everyone’s faces. The whole thing under the tent and surrounded by the ocean felt almost Gatsby-esque.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0063 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0064 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0065 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0066 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0067

Bea and her dad are very close, and I just love the expressions on their faces in this image and the pride he clearly feels to be dancing with his stunning daughter.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0068 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0069 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0070 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0071

The kids showed up right as the music got going and proceeded to tear up the dance floor!prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0072 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0073 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0074 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0075 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0076 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0077 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0078 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0079 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0080 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0081

Guests went home with small flashlights and these adorable matches.

prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0047 prouts-neck-wedding-orchard-cove-photography_0082

Beatrice & Aymeric, it was such a pleasure to be there for the whole weekend and spend time with your families. I wish you both nothing but the best! Congratulations!


Caterer:: A Catered Affair

Floral Design & Event Planning:: Beautiful Days

Band:: Ward Marston

Bea’s Dress:: Carolina Herrera

Hair:: Akari Salon

Makeup:: Jane Sincere

Paper Suite:: Cheree Berry

Tent:: Sperry Tents

UVM Alumni House Wedding Shoot

I had the great pleasure of participating in a styled shoot earlier this month at the newly opened UVM Alumni House, which is now accepting wedding bookings. There was a great team of vendors that came onboard to make the shoot happen :: Jerica from Et Cetera Events, Emily from Vermont Tent, Lindsey from Farmhouse Group Events, Alison from Floral Artistry, Jennifer from Jennifer Perellie Makeup, and Denise from Simplicity Salon.

The building itself is historic and was a frat house for many years- the renovations they’ve done have really brought it back to life and they built on a whole new event space that is gorgeous. The historic details throughout the house are just amazing and I said to a few people that it’s the one venue I’ve been to that if rained on a wedding day I’d almost be excited because we would get to fully take advantage of all the beautiful spots inside!

The dress and shoe shots show off two of these details – That trim! Those windows!


Some of the great team!


Our model Jorie getting gussied up.


The light in this room was insane – it was such a spectacular autumn day and the light was just so warm and flattering.


Gorgeous floral by Alison


Andrea stood in for Mother of the Groom to get Matt dressed!


These two are friends but had great chemistry and we all kept each other laughing.


You can see Lake Champlain from this balcony at the UVM Alumni House.


I loved the details on this bank of windows and the light filtering through.




See – another amazing spot. The wood paneling is gorgeous.





Pretending to be UVM grads and kissing the catamount!



More lovely floral details.





This is the main pavilion room where weddings will be held – so light and bright!



I don’t do too much food photography typically but it was fun to work with Lindsey from Farmhouse Group Events who really has a beautiful eye for styling and design.



Definitely check out this new wedding venue in Burlington!