Chandler & Ryan :: Favorite Photo

Chandler & Ryan’s Wee Burn Beach Club Wedding
From Chandler: “A virtually impossible question since there were so many, but I think the most meaningful photos are of me and my father. There is one of me walking off the beach with him after the family photos, and he’s walking beside me holding the train of my dress, which is very representative of our relationship since he’s been a great support system for me. He also had double bypass surgery during my second year in business school which was certainly a scare, so it was incredibly meaningful for both of us to walk down the aisle together and get our first dance.”
From Ryan: “It’s a very romantic photo that captures a special moment with an incredible view, on a beach that has a lot of meaning for Chandler. I like that it doesn’t look contrived, but very natural as if you happened to stumble upon us in that moment”
Thanks for sharing, Ryan & Chandler!!