Chris & Emily

You were AMAZING! We had so much fun with you and we couldn’t imagine spending our wedding day with another photographer. We felt like you were an old friend and one of my aunts even asked how we knew you, assuming you were a good friend of ours. You blended so seamlessly into our families and friends and we just love you. We are speechless and so in awe of how you captured everything and everyone that was important to us. I have goosebumps and I feel like I’m right back on the day of the wedding 🙂 I know we’ll be able to re-create that feeling for years to come because of your pictures and the moments you were there for.

It looks like you were everywhere for the entire day, but people have been commenting on how unobtrusive and subtle you were about getting these shots. WOW is all I can think to say. Thank you thank you for being part of our wedding and making everything run so smoothly. And thank you, to you, from the bottoms of our hearts.

Chris & Emily, July 23, 2011