Chris & Meghan’s Milford Engagement Shoot

On Monday morning I kicked off my 2009 wedding season by photographing Chris & Meghan’s engagement in downtown Milford. Chris & Meghan are getting married next July 10th at the Guilford Yacht Club.

It was actually Meghan’s sister Courtney (a very efficient maid of honor!) that found me first. Then a week or two later when Meghan contacted me I confessed that I thought I might have spoken to Courtney already 🙂 We all met for dinner and immediately hit it off – Meghan and Courtney both have tons of energy and are so fun to be around. And of course Chris follows suit and is wonderful 🙂

I usually start off my shoot directing clients a bit more and then by the end they get the hang of it. I immediately found out that Chris is very good at following directions 😉

The people at the marina were nice enough to let us down on the docks to shoot.

The water was pretty chilly but Chris & Meghan were good sports 🙂

Oh wall how I love you. Thankfully Meghan understands and supports my obsession 🙂

We found this fun mural on a sidestreet

When we were driving downtown I saw this wall out of the corner of my eye….super fun!

Meet Oyster….the cat Chris & Meghan rescued a few weeks ago. He still looks a bit scrawny but he is recovering quickly with lots of love!

It was actually Chris who suggested this – he built his own wood chipper and stacked all this wood….quite handy!

Chris & Meghan – I hope we see each other before next July – good luck with the continuing renovations!