Christmas Day!

We had a great day yesterday – slept late, ate AMAZING meals, went for a big long walk, and just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.

This year we decided to pretty much not do presents. When we told our Dad about our idea he said “there’s just one problem….we’ve already gotten something for Strider” 🙂 In the end we got one present each and are taking our Dad and Annie out for a yummy dinner somewhere tomorrow night.

We decided that was ok so with two presents Strider was the most gifted doggie on Christmas 🙂

His first present was a girormous bag of treats. Even though we encouraged him to stick his nose in it he was very good and waited for my Dad to dig out a treat for him.

My Brother bear

His second present was a big ball similar to the ones he loves – this one has an even better squeaker and Strider enjoyed carrying it around and making it squeak!

Strider is a present every day 🙂

Jeff opens our present

My Brother did this painting for us in honor of our wedding and my Dad generously framed it for us.

As a special surprise my Dad gave Jon his signet ring with the Harris family crest on it. They examined it with Dad’s magnifying glass 🙂

Jeff meanwhile contributed to the delicious dinner by making yeast rolls from scratch (no rolling pin around so he used a wine bottle!)

Merry Christmas to one and all!