Christmas Decorations

A few years ago I started getting really into decorating for the holidays. I shared yesterday about buying our tree which was so much fun – now the finished product!

You can’t really tell in this photo but for the first few days we had the tree we laughed every time we looked at it – it was huge and very rotund in the middle….it’s a good one! Add the tree skirt and some presents wrapped in my DIY Fabric bags and it’s quite picture perfect!

I raided my Mom’s attic for some of my old tapestry ornaments – I made these about 15 years ago!
Two more of my childhood favorites that were being threatened by nibbling mice….hopefully they’ll be safer at our house!
I’ve always loved this – it sat in the center of our mantle through all my childhood Christmases!
I think this might have been my very first attempt at tapestry in kindergarden or first grade – thankfully I’ve come a long way!
Our full mantle complete with my fabric banner I made a few years ago
I didn’t want it to catch fire so Jeff’s stocking got hung on a window instead!
The second half of the pennant banner got hung in our kitchen
Wendy made the gingerbread house itself (and the cute Welcome sign) and I had fun decorating it one afternoon while they decorated theirs
Type A? Who me?
Our new system for displaying holiday cards – stapled to a wide ribbon – makes the living room so cheerful!
I don’t think I’m going to want to take all of these down come New Year’s!!