Cooper & Finnan

I always love re-visiting families – I met Sam & Katrina when I photographed Mark & Ashley’s wedding in September 2008. Little Cooper was a wee baby who everyone was totally in love with and as a present Mark & Ashley gifted Sam (her Brother) and Katrina with a gift certificate that they used when Cooper turned one!

Now Cooper has a new little Brother Finnan and he has grown up into quite the precocious little guy. Mark & Ashley meanwhile have welcomed a new baby girl into their family who I am so excited to meet and photograph next week!!
I loved Finnan’s two front teeth and Cooper’s adorable sweater – he looked so handsome 🙂

Between tickling and laughing we got some great family photos 🙂

Then we headed outside – it was chilly but the leaves were beautiful and Cooper was psyched 🙂

Cooper loved the slide


Finnan stayed warm snuggled up to Mom 🙂

Flying Cooper around helped keep him interested

Finnan thought the scrunchy leaves were pretty neat and tried to eat them 🙂

Their adorable new pooch who is a very well behaved dog!

We warmed up Cooper’s red nose with some M&Ms 🙂

Katrina & Sam – it was so fun to see you all again – I’m so excited to meet Willa 🙂 🙂