Crafting Finish

April 25, 2014

Well since the quiet season is almost over I figured I’d share the progress I made crafting this winter. Before Norah arrived I was worried I wouldn’t have time to craft and was determined to MAKE time to craft. I’m happy to say that my determination has paid off and I’ve done quite a bit of sewing this winter. Right after Christmas I blogged all my works in progress (WIPs in crafting speak) and I’m happy to say that I’ve completed a good bit of them! Of course I’m in the middle of a few more projects so hopefully I’ll have some other finishes to share soon but in the meantime here’s a good roundup!……

I cut these (Quick Change Trousers) pants out way back last July when I was in Rhode Island for a crafting weekend (and wedding weekend of our friend Blair!) with my friend Sarah. I did a combination of newborn and 6 month sizes and in retrospect I wish I had cut them bigger as I think these will fit more comfortably when kids are walking. Alas – 20/20 hindsight so in the meantime Norah will wear some of these and I’ll put others away for future gifts!
I started cutting this quilt back when we lived in Connecticut I think about three years ago – a long term work in progress! I got the idea I think from Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts but I can’t quite remember. Basically you cut your scraps up into segments of 2, 3, and 4 inch strips and sew them all together end to end. Then you cut them into segments (I did 10 inch) and make blocks out of them. At first I was going to sew them without the gray sashing but then I decided that I liked how it set it off. I’m calling this done because the way the light comes through this quilt is simply amazing and I’d lose that look if I quilted it. So who knows – maybe in some future house I’ll find a window to hang it in and can enjoy the blues in all their glory!

Kathleen and I came across this pattern for a Bapron and I figured since Norah will start eating solid foods soon I better get on it. I was a bit intimidated by the pattern for no good reason – it was really quite easy and I decided to do three instead of one (classic Amanda approach)
Bonus – I found a cute baby to model it on!
Yes. More memory squares. I just can’t help myself I love this project soooo much and it is such a great use of scraps. And yes I do have about 10 sets (50 pieces each) stockpiled in the basement for future gifts. I don’t think I’ll ever stop making these!!
A little cross stitch tooth fairy pillow for Fia. It had been awhile since I had done cross stitch so it was fun to get back to.

Some fabric books
I made this quilt top (from Scandinavian Stitches) before Norah was born thinking I might hang it in her nursery. It was the one project I finished during my infamous January trip to Providence where Norah essentially never slept and we were both feeling a little loony. I love the tones in this quilt and it has provided the perfect place for her to hang out (she learned to roll on this quilt!) and be photographed by me!!


I found the fabrics for this quilt as a set at my beloved local store Stitched and knew it would be perfect for our friends Giles & Cathy when they eventually had a baby. Cathy is a science teacher and loves space. I actually sewed the top over Labor Day last fall knowing that Cathy was pregnant and not knowing whether I’d have time once Norah arrived. Right before Norah was born I sent it off to be professionally quilted (I still much prefer piecing than quilting) and I was so thrilled to get it back.
This was the first time I’d experimented with a pieced back which was made up of extra fabrics from the front – I think it’s a cool look. The black and white fabric at the top says “blast off” – a fun tie in.
The quilting is stars – I love how it turned out.
Funny because when I got it back I thought it might be a bit too masculine for the girl that Giles & Cathy were expecting but also knew that they wouldn’t really mind because they aren’t into super girly things anyway. Well lucky for me two weeks before Cathy’s due date they discovered that they were actually having a boy and welcomed Ezra shortly thereafter!
I had been meaning to make these coasters for my friend Wendy for maybe 2 years….at least two years. I finally got on it and found the perfect variegated thread for the outside. Of course once I got going I finished them in an afternoon – a good lesson in just do it!

Crafting brings me SO much happiness – I do a little happy dance whenever I think about it! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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