Crafting Progress May 2015

May 25, 2015

With my lady cave in place by late fall when my wedding season was winding down I had high hopes for the many hours of sewing I’d do this winter. Typically when the weather warms up and my business life gets busy I just stop crafting full stop and don’t pick it up again until the late fall. It’s something that brings me SO much pleasure and now that I have a space set up I find I am creating a lot more as I can do 5-10 minutes at a time without hauling everything out each time. Norah tends to be very happy when I am ironing and cutting but usually wants to climb up on my lap when I sit to sew so I tend to wait until naptime/bedtime to do that!

I read many sewing blogs and follow many other crafty types via Instagram so I had a boatload of inspiration. I combed my various Pinterest boards to come up with ideas for projects I’d do this winter. As I finished them I moved them over to the created board – I am nothing if not Type A and love checking things off a list. Looking at the board there are still a few projects I want to get done before the end of my sewing season and who knows – maybe this year will be different and I’ll continue to craft and create through the summer – time will tell. Anyway – below is a little tour back through the projects I’ve done this year. It’s fun to see them all in one place!

For Christmas I made my Dad & Annie placemats. I chose the fabrics at my beloved old Connecticut quilt shop Sew Inspired in Simsbury with my crafty friend Megan which was SO much fun. I love choosing fabrics and imagining what to do with them!


This little rainbow book had been sitting in my WIP (works in progress) bin for a year or two so I really wanted to finish it up – I added some rainbow flannel to the front and hand stitched it together since it was so bulky. Cute!
I got on a bit of a zippered pouch kick after I learned how to sew a zipper – they made great presents for my friend Wendy, my Mother in Law, and Norah’s two teachers for Christmas! Then one or two went into my presents bin for future gifting! These were all fabrics in my stash – that’s been one of my favorite parts of having all my fabric displayed – I can easily choose it for projects!


I finally finished knitting this sweater for Norah though I confess I don’t love how it fits – I added a few stitches to the sleeves and they are too long compared to the body. Sigh. That will teach me to not follow a pattern!

My friend Wendy’s old apron was falling apart so she enlisted my help in making her a new one. I have to say this took some brainpower to figure out which fabrics went with the fabulous print “How to keep your Husband” that I’ve had in my stash for years. Ashley from Film in the Fridge provided some design advice one day when we were crafting and I am thrilled with how it came out. The pocket is sewn halfway down so it’s not too deep and Wendy says she loves it – success!
I’ve had these two quilt tops done for YEARS sitting in my WIP bin so I finally quilted and bound them – that felt good!
I made a yoga skirt for Fia last fall that was COMICALLY large (Heidi gave me measurements in centimeters and I thought it was inches) so when I was crafting with Sarah at the lake in early March she finally helped me fix it. It really is now too small for her (darn!) but she is wearing it anyway.
I needed a basket for my lady cave to corral all my sewing tools and this Noodlehead Divided Basket was perfect
I knit a ball for Norah! Lots of practice increasing and decreasing but I was happy with how it turned out.
This beauty is off at the quilters and I can’t wait to get it back and maybe hang it in my space. It’s a Carolyn Friedlander design (SO love all of her stuff) and I fell in love with it.
I’ve had these book panels in my stash forever but needed Sarah’s help figuring out how to turn them into a book as they really weren’t designed that well. And I made two because why make one when you can make two??!!
These City Gym Shorts from the Purl Bee are so FREAKING CUTE I can barely stand it. I have a size 3 cut just to see if that would fit Norah better – the size 2s are really wee so I’ll definitely be making more of these in the next few weeks.

I made some pennant flags for Fia’s room and she helped me pick out the fabric – I don’t have too much experience fussy cutting but it worked well to center the horses.
Norah loves putting things in bags right now so I followed this tutorial and made her one….she won’t put it down. I also made one for her friend Esme as a birthday present but forgot to take a photo – oops!
This one isn’t really a finish as the blocks still haven’t been sewn together – I can’t decide how to lay it out! I’m hoping to finish it in the next few weeks and send it off to be quilted – I’ve been working on this for awhile. This photo shows one possible layout – time will tell what I finally decide!
Pajama pants for Norah’s cousin Maggie
And pajama pants for Norah – I LOVE this print.
I love my wheat pack which I heat up in the microwave and put at my feet when I get in bed. I burned mine this winter so made this one as a replacement – it has arborio rice in it and so far so good!
Three geranium tops for this summer for Norah
I don’t love these but whipped them up as an Easter present for Norah, Fia, and Holden – I sewed them a bit close to the edge so the stuffing peeks out in places – not my finest work but they were quick!
I knit this cowl for myself and am working on knitting a second for my friend Wendy with the leftover yarn. It doesn’t photograph that well but it’s super cozy. Thankfully I don’t need it now with this beautiful weather!
Norah uses her Baprons at every meal but is getting a bit too big for the smaller size so I sewed up four more – 3 in her size and one to go into the gifting bin! I LOVE this pattern – super easy and provides great coverage for eaters learning to be tidy!
Norah has way too many clothes in general but one thing she was missing was bloomers to go under summer dresses so I made these using Whitney Deal’s bloomer pattern….and because I’m me two extra of a smaller size to be gifted!
Voila – that’s what I’ve been doing all winter!! Can’t wait to create more!

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