Crafting Projects

Those of you who know me know that I’m a little what I like to call “Type-A Crazy.” Usually it’s a good thing… least I think it is 🙂

In my “stash” of fabrics and patterns I have lots of odds and ends but I had been having a hard time organizing them and finding what to do yet because it’s a bit of a mish mash.

I got the idea a little while ago to photograph projects I wanted to do to form a list of sorts so when I do have time to do them (hello January!) I’ll know what to do.

So one night I pulled out all my fabric and started organizing and separating. After things were photographed they were put in a large ziploc bag and all of those went into one bag so now whenever I want to do a little crafting I just pull out one of the bags 🙂

Crazy? Definitely. But I like crazy 🙂

Behold….the craft project library!


I’m hoping to get “Spooky” done this weekend so I don’t miss Halloween – I finally took down my spring banner and put up some gourds so we’re looking slightly more seasonally appropriate.

The top one is extra fabric I got from a friend who had completed some of the squares so I need to finish the top and hopefully there will be enough purple to back it.

Same goes for the middle

The bottom is a Christmas Gift Bag that I made probably eight years ago. One of the seams has burst on one side so I need to rip it out and re-sew

I have no freaking clue how to make something like this but I thought it was FABULOUS

Left one is a top that needs finishing.

Right one is now also (!!) a top and needs finishing.

Did I mention that finishing (quilting and binding) is my least favorite part? That might have to be a girl’s crafting weekend task!

Pillowcase I sewed wrong and needs to be ripped out

Mermaid fabric I’ve had forever (made one quilt but had this left over)

Snowman runner that was probably one of the first things that I bought when I learned to quilt in 2004….not sure I know how to do it but one day I will!

Extra fabric from the Easter banner I made last year – maybe I can use it to sew a smaller Easter banner (I’m thinking of a blog giveaway!!)

This was the result of a Landscape quilting class with Karen Eckmeier – it needs to be finished (and ironed)!!

Three panels that will be books

More banners with old/leftover fabric – I guess I better get going on those fall ones.

I’m thinking of “Grateful” to go up after Halloween. Not sure I have enough of either of those fabrics though….hmmm.

Haven’t attempted onesies yet (or really any applique) but we’ll see!

Hopefully you’ll see some of these over the next few months as finished projects!!