Crafting To Dos!

December 26, 2013

To say my crafting stash is a little large would be an understatement but somehow searching and buying fabric brings me so much pleasure – I love the colors and imagining what things will be. That being said as I prepared for baby to arrive I was motivated to tame the enormous and growing pile in our living room of crafting items and organize them in some way. I ended up putting everything away other than in progress projects which stay upstairs in our guest room until I’m ready to work on them. The goal is that our dining room table won’t be constantly overtaken by crafting….we’ll see if it works! I’m happy to say that since I took photos of these projects some have been completed – hooray! My goal is to try and not really start anything new until these are done – we’ll see if I can resist the siren call of a new project!
I love piecing quilt tops but really don’t enjoy the actual quilting and binding (i.e. turning it into a finished piece!) so here are three quilt tops that are waiting to be put together. I find it tough to spread out at my house because of all the dog hair so maybe I’ll bring these to crafting weekend and see if I can get ’em done!
Some extra netting for produce bags for the grocery store, a cute knitted Thanksgiving turkey (missed that holiday again this year!), a holiday gift bag that needs mending, and a fabric book I want to rip out and do over with some batting in it this time
A scrap quilt of blues (much further along now) and the NINE pairs of pants that I cut out this summer while crafting with Sarah – also happy to say those are further along too!
Some coasters I promised a friend waaaaaay too long ago, Fia’s Tooth Fairy Pillow (FINISHED!!!), some fabric books, and a “bapron” pattern that Kathleen and I were going to do together…..last summer!
Maybe while we’re at the lake this week with Grandparents to hold the baby I’ll tackle some of these – time will tell!


[…] has paid off and I’ve done quite a bit of sewing this winter. Right after Christmas I blogged all my works in progress (WIPs in crafting speak) and I’m happy to say that I’ve completed a good bit of them! […]

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