Daisy the Bulldog

Daisy’s Mom Remy contacted me a few weeks ago excited to have received a gift certificate from Uberdog in West Hartford where Daisy goes to doggie daycare.

Daisy is a one year old bulldog who loves to play, look out the window, and have her belly rubbed. It was a gray windy day but we started outside.

She can’t get her mouth around this ball but still loves to chase it and growl at it 🙂

Yes occasionally Daisy hangs out on the furniture 😉

And the bed too 🙂

Daisy on patrol!

When I saw her do this I scrambled to get a picture. And then….she stayed like that…..for about 5 minutes. Just hanging out in her downward dog pose – it was SO cute!

What’s the problem? I’m just doing my yoga!

Oh being a star is so exhausting 🙂

Thanks Remy and Daisy for having me over to play!