Debbie Bliss Sweater

This Debbie Bliss sweater had been in progress for a looooooong time but when Emily was born I knew I better get my rear in gear and set a deadline of my baby shower weekend to finish it. I literally finished it that morning and Emily kindly modeled it for me when she was up visiting a few weeks ago. The design was a riff on a real Debbie Bliss pattern that I made for Fia a few years ago but since I had found that sweater a little shapeless and because I love knitting in the round I made some changes this time around. I knitted the bottom to the decorative row in the round but then realized after that in order to keep it from rolling I’d need to add stitching to the bottom and arms….I ended up using seed stitch. It was made with a lot of love and I was thrilled to see that Emily fits in it….for now!!