Decorating a Christmas Tree

I’m a bit late in blogging these images because we got our tree in late November and have already taken it down as we are out of town for a California Christmas with my in-laws! Regardless though it was a lovely tree and we enjoyed it for a few weeks.

Jeff is always the light man 🙂

A few hours later I finished the job with the ornaments – it looked so cheerful when we were done 🙂

Our mantle last week – next year I need to find a better way to display all the wonderful holiday cards we get because I run out of real estate too quickly – any ideas?

And do you spot my big surprise for Jeff on the left side of the mantle?

Last January I found this canvas at our local needlepoint store and knew it would be perfect for Jeff. I managed to sew when he wasn’t around so it was a complete surprise 🙂 My Mom bought me a canvas for my own stocking back in April but I haven’t started working on it yet – that will be a project for 2012 and hopefully it can join Jeff’s by next Christmas!

I am not much of a math person and had to tear out half the name when I realized I hadn’t centered it correctly – DOH!

Just two days until Christmas!!