Denny Family

On Saturday morning I headed over to see the Denny family. Carter and I have been friends since Kindergarten and I’ve spent too much time to count with her family over the years. Anywho the Denny’s are just about the nicest kindest funniest family in the world so we had a great time bee bopping around their neighborhood.

Exhibit 1: Our first playdate (don’t you just LOVE my pink lipstick applied so carefully and my pilgrim hat?) Yep……I was STYLIN’!

We’ve had about a zillion sleepovers since 1987…

And we still like wearing matching clothes…..just kidding 🙂

And now back to our previously scheduled photo shoot!

They wanted to take photos around their neighborhood so we did just that!

Shortly after this picture was taken a security guard came up and told us to scram – apparently since 9/11 you have to sign in to many public places if you want to take a photo….we just moved on!

Carter’s sister Liza (on the left) is pregnant and Carter and Louise are just a WEEEE bit excited for the birth of their niece or nephew 🙂

My favorite of the day – good looking family and everyone looks happy.

Our final spot for the day. After this we went home for Breck’s (on the far left) birthday luncheon….it was super yummy and fortified me for the 90th birthday party ahead!