DIY Holiday Gift Bags

Today I’m going to share a tutorial for how to DIY Holiday Gift Bags. With my photography season coming to an end I’ve had a whole lot more time and brain power to get back into crafting and being creative – something that I love but that tends to fall by the wayside during the summer and fall when life is FULL! I’ve always found wrapping presents incredibly wasteful throwing away all that paper so this is my solution – I can use them year after year and they add a colorful element under the tree!

I made a few of these holiday bags a few years ago but was encouraged to make more when my friend mentioned she could use some extras. I dug into my stash for holiday themed fabric I had on hand and set to work!

The great thing about these bags is that they can be any size for lots of different sized presents. I would recommend making them longer rather than wider so they’re easy to close with some festive ribbon. I think for this project I had a half yard of fabric which I cut into two to make two bags. Make sure to square up your fabric beforehand -a rotary cutter and a quilting ruler does the trick.

Sometimes you can work it so that one of the sides is folded fabric which makes it quicker to sew. In this case I pinned the right sides together (this is very important so that the seams are hidden) and sewed up both sides. A hot iron helps just to keep everything straight. Make sure to leave one side unsewn so you can get a present in there!

I just use a straight stitch on the sides since they will be invisible once I turn the bag inside out
Once you’ve sewed the sides iron down the top/raw edge about 1/4 inch
Then fold over and iron again so that the raw edge is hidden – pin to hold in place
I tend to begin and end on a seam so that the sewing is more hidden
At the beginning and end I anchor my stitches by setting the stitch length to 0 and sewing a few in place
On the open top of the bag I tend to do a zig zag stitch which seems a bit more festive. I used white thread to contrast with the green but many of the bags I’ve made recently I used red stitching which really stands out!
All wrapped up and ready to be given as a gift! It can also be great to bring holiday or host gifts in these bags and then the person can keep them and use them!
Lots of fun and colorful fabric under the tree! I also re-use the ribbon and gift tags from year to year
Enjoy making your own!