Doubtful Sound

After leaving Lake Tekapo in one day we drove down to Te Anau – a big day in the car but worth it to get there! We made a quick stop in Taras which is a sweet little town where Shrek the Sheep is from. I wasn’t familiar with this Shrek but apparently he avoided being shorn for six years and built up the most incredible coat – google him!

Next we stopped at Peregrine wines for a quick tasting 🙂

By this point we were feeling a bit peckish so we headed towards Queenstown but turned around when we passed the AJ Hackett Bungy center (the birthplace of bungy). They have a viewing platform so you can see people bungy off the bridge. HOLY COW. This confirmed to me that I will absolutely never bungy – it’s scary even to watch!

After watching a few people I suggested we head on our way. We did and ended up having lunch next door at the Winehouse – it was delicious.

When dessert arrived it was too pretty not to photograph….Jeff thought I looked a little ridiculous but I say whatever it takes to get the shot 🙂

We spent that night in Te Anau (ate at Fjordland Pizzeria which had possibly the SLOWEST service on the planet….we waited an hour and a half for a pizza – yikes!). The next morning we had a yummy breakfast at Olive Tree Cafe before heading over to Manapouri where our Doubtful Sound cruise was leaving from.

When my Dad visited New Zealand a few years ago he did an overnight cruise with Real Journeys on Doubtful Sound and highly recommended it….Jeff and I were not disappointed.

The two major sounds in that area are Milford (much more touristy) and Doubtful. To reach Doubtful Sound you take a 2 hour boat ride and an hour bus ride…’s worth it 🙂 This is the view from the top of the hill halfway through our bus ride – Doubtful Sound awaits 🙂

View of Doubtful Sound

The views throughout are just spectacular

After cruising around for awhile they put down anchor in a harbor and we were able to go kayaking….slightly different scale that kayaking around the lake!

Our boat – the Fjordland navigator

Back on deck we enjoyed the views while the second group went out kayaking

Despite warm air temperatures the wind made it very chilly so we drank lots of tea 🙂 I recommend lots of layers!

After the kayaking was done a few brave souls took a dip – yikes! I was cold just watching Jeff 🙂

Now he can say he’s gone swimming in a fjord!

With everyone back on board we steamed out to the entrance to Doubtful….so named because the ship captain thought it was “Doubtful” he could get back to sea if he explored the fjord


I nipped out during dinner to capture the spectacular sunset

The next morning we were up around 7:30 before the sun had reached the fjord….it was CHILLY!

Us with all our layers on 🙂

We had a great cruise and it was well worth it! If you can’t swing an overnight there are day trips available although you don’t quite get the full experience!