Easter Weekend at the Lake

Jeff and I headed up to the lakehouse on Thursday night of Easter weekend – thrilled that Jeff had the next day off…..long weekends are the best! That night Jeff cooked a yummy dinner but I headed to bed early (not abnormal as I love catching up on sleep when we’re there). The next morning, however, was not as positive. I woke up with chills and sore achy muscles and didn’t make it upstairs until about 7:30 PM when I came up to eat something. Saturday morning I woke up and made it to the couch where I stayed for the rest of the day. The good news is that I finished two books 🙂 That afternoon we ventured out for a very short walk.

The lakehouse looked so welcoming with smoke coming out of the chimney (I love summer at the lake but there is something especially cozy about winter (or early spring!!) at the lake with the woodstove)

Jeff had found this downed limb in one of our neighbor’s yard so we had an impromptu photo shoot 🙂

That night Jeff cooked me dinner and I headed back to bed early…thrilled that I was actually sleepy and hoping I wouldn’t toss and turn the whole night.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling much better but then rolled over to find Jeff had caught my bug 🙁 No fun at all! He was out for the count until Tuesday night.  So our Easter weekend was relaxing but not quite for all the good reasons 🙂

Hope everyone else did more hunting for eggs and eating chocolate than we did 🙂