Editing Away….

This past weekend Julia of Salty Grapes and I were up in Vermont for my Cousin Christopher’s BEAUTIFUL wedding. The weather was just perfect and the day was relaxed and went off without a hitch – we had so much fun!

I am headed into NYC this afternoon for the Free to Succeed tour which should be a lot of fun. Before then I’m headed to the local AT&T store to pick up my new I-Phone 🙂 When the price came down and my Blackberry started to malfunction I decided it was time for an upgrade. Soon to come – blogging from my I-Phone – I can’t wait!

Julia grabbed this shot of me shooting Leigh’s fabulous Red shoes 🙂

And this is one of my favorites from the night (at least of the ones I’ve seen so far!). What a perfect evening!

Leigh & Chris – I’ll edit speedily and get more up soon 🙂 Have a relaxing week!