Ellie – Nine Months Old – CT Baby Photographer

Last week I went over to see my friends Jen & Drew and their little one Ellie….I hadn’t seen her since December which at this age is WAY too long. She is getting so big and is now an accomplished crawler 🙂 She showed me all her tricks and we even did tubby time 🙂

Her little teeth are so cute and she loved waving at the camera 🙂

How big is Ellie? SOOOOO big!

Exploring and starting to stand up!

Crawling is old hat by now 🙂

So sweet 🙂

Scenes from dinner – Sam is on constant alert when she’s eating and is occasionally rewarded 🙂

Learning to feed herself

While Jen ran the bath we did some reading in her room – she is getting longer!

Maybe my favorite 🙂

Still not a ton of hair but I loved the texture of it 🙂

Because we were playing Peek a Boo she didn’t mind being in her crib

Tasty 🙂

Checking out what Mom’s doing 🙂

LOVE this one too – she looks so devious!

Tubby time with rubber duckie!

I convinced Jen to give her a mow hawk….gotta milk the cuteness 🙂

All snuggled in her rabbit towel!

Snuggle time with Dad

And family time on the bed before sleep!

I think I need to come over more often 🙂