Ellie – Six Months Old – West Hartford Baby Photographer

Before Christmas I pinch hit for my friends Jen & Drew for two days and got to hang out with the adorable six month old Ellie 🙂 I love this age with babies – she isn’t crawling yet so she’ll still let me snuggle her and want to be with me but she’s much more expressive and can be independent (like tummy time!) Strider & Sage got to see her too and I think it’s good experience for them getting used to babies (not a hint….still a ways off!!!)

She loves her bouncy swing and it’s a good way to keep her occupied when I’m making a bottle!

Time for a little breakfast (mostly for her face!)

Back in the bouncy seat on day 2 🙂

I hadn’t taken too many of her in her room so at the end of day 2 we had some tummy time next to her crib so she could read some books!

She keels over every once in awhile but her tummy muscles are getting very strong and she can mostly hold herself up!

A little reading in the crib 🙂

She has the most amazing blue eyes!

She was still fairly interested in what I was doing 🙂

I’m looking forward to the next time when I get to hang out with her 🙂