Ellie Visits Vermont!

September 13, 2012

Last weekend our good friends Jen and Drew came to visit us with their adorable daughter Ellie who you may remember turned two in early June. Despite barely having a nap and driving four hours she was psyched to be out of the car and loved exploring the garden and the field….pretty cute.

She found this pumpkin that someone left in the garden at our party!

Babs the watering pig was a BIG hit

She thought Jeff was pretty silly!

Exploring the field which just got mowed today – bye beautiful long grass!

Enjoy the last few months of being an only child! A little sister arrives in November!

She loves being chased

The next morning we went to the Farmer’s Market and then headed over to the Children’s farmyard – she thought it was pretty funny that the goat wanted to eat her skirt


More fun with the animals

And the highlight – cow milking!

Needless to say she took a very good nap that afternoon.
Thanks so much for coming to visit!!


[…] Ellie is officially a big sister! Baby Clara was six days old on Monday when I met her and is super super sweet and low key- what a great baby! I loved watching Ellie interact with Clara – she is a very proud and gentle big sister. Jen posted the other night that Ellie said to her “Mommy, thanks for getting my baby sister out!” – LOVE IT. It wasn’t too long ago that I was doing Ellie’s newborn photos – fun to continue the tradition! Enjoy the photos! […]

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