Ethan & Jill’s Wedding – June 7, 2008 – Lyme Connecticut

On Saturday Eileen and I drove down to Old Lyme, Connecticut to photograph Ethan & Jill’s wedding day. They had stressed how laid back the day would be and we weren’t disappointed. Ethan & Jill kept their cool the whole day and just had a great time enjoying the friends and family who had come to celebrate with them. The wedding was held at the home of Ethan’s Grandmother and it was just beautiful – right on the water with a sweeping lawn perfect for a tent.

After taking some shots outside we headed inside to photograph Jill putting on her dress. Jill’s dress was stunning and simple – perfect for a warm day!

Ethan’s sister was Jill’s maid of honor

The beautiful bride!

Ethan and Jill opted to take photos before the ceremony so they had plenty of time to enjoy each other one on one and we had plenty of time for pictures – my favorite scenario 🙂

Ethan was headed down to the ceremony site for his first meeting with Jill but was so excited when he heard her coming he turned around early 🙂 I love his expression as he caught sight of his bride!

We walked down to the boathouse to take some by the water. I was sure I’d fall in as I navigated the dock like a ninja but thankfully I didn’t 🙂

I love my wall shots….the reflection was a bonus!

Ethan & Jill wanted their ceremony to be “short and sweet” so they had their guests gather under this beautiful tree. Here everyone turns as Jillian and her parents walk from the house.

Of course when I saw that Jill was crying I got misty behind the camera 🙂

But then there was celebration! No more time for crying!

After the ceremony Ethan & Jill held onto each other as they greeted their guests.

A quiet moment during the reception

Ethan’s sister gave a really nice toast to her big Brother and new sister-in-law

The dashing groom 🙂

And of course Finnigan dressed up for the occassion 🙂 If you watch the slideshow you will see Ethan’s Mother’s Bulldog who was wearing similarly appropriate attire 🙂 During the reception they were wrestling under the tent 🙂

Ethan & Jill – It was such a pleasure to be there to document your wedding. The focus and spirit of the day was on that which is most important – love, family and friends….you both pulled it off beautifully.

Safe travels to Italy and enjoy your honeymoon!