Exterior House Tour

At long last I proudly present our house! Well the outside….figured I’d split it up! Moving to Vermont has been a long time dream and now that we are up here it just feels perfect. I was born in Burlington and have always spent summers here – I’ve considered it my home ever since I went away to high school but now it really is – pretty cool! We weren’t sure what the job opportunities would be like up here for Jeff (a mechanical and aerospace engineer) but amazingly he got permission to work remotely for his CT company. He’ll be traveling back once a month or so which will give us an excuse to be at the lake – perfect!

We came up to VT for a weekend in early February to look at houses (both for renting and for buying). A good friend had seen our posting for rental homes in a local newsletter and emailed to ask what the scoop was. She mentioned she had a friend that was shortly going to be putting her house on the market and after describing it to me she made a match between us! Amazingly it was a family acquaintance who I’ve known for many years so it was great to know who we were buying from. The house was built about 15 years ago by this person and has been lovingly tended since then by that same person.

I had a sense that it might be the one, and as soon as I walked in the door knew it was. We looked at others and tried to be objective as we weighed options but I had my heart set on this one. I think after looking at the pictures you’ll see why! We both feel SO lucky to have found this gem!

Isn’t it the CUTEST? This is the view as you come up the driveway

The former owner was an amazing gardener and Jeff and I are learning – it’s a great way to end the day and relax!

Oops – better fix that fence post!

Just this weekend we borrowed a friend’s mower and cut paths for walking through the field – it’s on 2.5 acres so we figured we might as well use it! Jeff also cut a spot for a picnic table – we better find one before the summer is over!

The view from the house – all conserved land or farmland – pretty amazing. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with Vermont that is Camel’s Hump – a very distinctly Vermont view!

The main garden which is full sun all day long – great for sun loving perennials (and a few zinnias sprinkled in for color!)

Our little garden shed (perhaps a kid’s playhouse one day??!!) and a beautiful tree that sadly got halved by some high winds last week 🙁

Happy family with our first house!

Stay tuned for the interior tour!!