Fall Weekend!

Since I assisted on a wedding yesterday Jeff and I headed up to the lake on Thursday afternoon to spend some time together. The leaves are just barely barely starting to turn and even though it is still quite warm fall is in the air.

The way I know fall is really here is that Apple Cider is available at the grocery stores. We also stopped by an orchard on the way up to buy some crisp fall apples. Last fall I tried a Barefoot Contessa recipe for Butternut Squash Apple Cider soup and it was delicious – I can’t wait to make it again.

My favorite times of year are when the seasons are changing – there is so much anticipation for the next one and I’m always ready to make the transition. Even though warm weather and long days are nice there is a place for being curled up on the couch on crisp fall evenings sipping apple cider and watching movies 🙂

On Friday we took a walk through the woods with Strider and his friend Luke

This ones for you, Carolyn!! Luke is a phenomenal leaper and loves fetching sticks. I think Strider needs to take a lesson – he is a bit lazier in his leaping 🙂

Fall at the lake!

Still warm enough to swim (not really but Jeff’s brave!)

I want to come in but am too wussy to jump off the dock 🙂

Instead I will ponder what the fall and winter will bring for us…..

Jeff snapped this of me and my “firstborn” 🙂 🙂

The good thing about having a dog to wake you up early in the morning – you get to be witness to stunning quiet moments like this.

I’m off to Groton this afternoon to hang out with my cousins Will and Sarah, their poochies Grit and Cole, and do some organizing for their new home. I can’t wait! Poor Jeff caught my cold so will be cozied up on the couch while we’re gone.