Favorite Photo :: Emily & Adam

Emily & Adam’s Library Themed Lenox Library wedding….
From Emily :: “I love all the shots of the Reading Room filled with our guests. The room looks even better than I’d hoped it would because it is filled with so many happy, beloved friends and family. My favorite shot is of us listening to our family and friends offer toasts; we’re surrounded by people we love, listening to people say kind, heartfelt things, in the middle of the happiest of celebrations. Those photographs really bring into focus the whole reason we wanted to have this wedding: for the rare chance to bring everyone we love together to celebrate and enjoy themselves!”
From Adam :: “Adam has two favorites. His favorite of us is one of the shots of us walking down the aisle after the ceremony. We’re looking off to his family’s side, and he says that seeing his family all gathered there to celebrate us was one of his favorite memories of the day. His favorite photograph overall is the beautiful shot of the empty Reading Room, with the domed ceiling and beautiful decorations. It reminds him of the history and architecture of the library, which were so important in our choice of venue.”
Thanks for sharing, Emily & Adam!