Favorite Photo :: Ryan & Amelia

Today’s favorite photo share comes from Amelia & Ryan who were married in a gorgeous Sperry Tent Wedding last summer. Last week they were featured on Style Me Pretty which you can see by clicking here.

Amelia & Ryan’s favorite photo is the same…

Amelia writes :: “After browsing our wedding album for the perfect photo in our first holiday card, this one stuck out to me. I stared at it longer. Of all our photos, this one looks like we’re truly in the moment- in love, and having fun. All the memories come flooding back in this one frozen second of time. All the dress alterations, the shoes, Ryan’s outfit, wedding party attire, the band, the venue, the weather (overcast and rainy in the morning, sunny for the ceremony and onwards)… it’s all shown here. But most of all, we surprised our guests by choreographing our first dance, which took countless rehearsals to get right. At this moment- Ryan and I are looking at each other and realize that all the planning has been executed seamlessly. This is what we’ve worked so hard for. And we’re having the time of our lives.”

Ryan writes :: “I love this picture because it really captures the happiness and the overall feel of the wedding day and specifically that moment. When I look at the picture it takes me back to that time and always makes me smile. Then I try to retrace our choreography to see if I still remember it. We worked hard on that dance! Really happy it all worked out in the end.”

Thanks for sharing, Amelia & Ryan!