Fia 15 Months – Vermont Children’s Photographer

Of course we spent lots of time over Christmas visiting Fia who is now walking like a champ and getting into pretty much everything 🙂 She delights in the simplest of things and loves taking everything out of anything (box under the coffee table, Heidi’s bag, a shelf in the kitchen). She isn’t quite as excited about putting it all back together so there are little piles all over the house 🙂

She is slowly getting teeth 🙂

She loves playing with this barn that her Grandma got her 🙂

And also throwing it on the floor 🙂

Eating Cheerios is a serious business 🙂

Sometimes it’s fun to sit in baskets.

And try to slide out of the bottom of her chair

Bathtime is fun time with lots of toys and delighted laughter

Pouring water is a novelty worth screaming about 🙂


Fia knows where the cereal is and decided it was time for a snack 🙂

It’s good to be independent and help yourself!

Jeff and Fia bonded over building towers (Jeff) and knocking them down (Fia)

Life isn’t all peaches and cream 24/7 but with snuggles from Mom life improved immediately

Hope everyone is enjoying this snowy weekend!