Fia – 2 Years Old :: VT Kids Photographer

Another Fia post 🙂 I spent almost two weeks in Vermont at the end of the summer between two weddings so really got to catch up on my Fia time! I haven’t seen her since the middle of October and won’t see her until the beginning of December….too long!)

Heidi’s Mom usually cares for Fia on Thursdays but lucky for me that week she had a conflict so I got to spend the better part of a day with her.

Little monkey climbing on the couch 🙂

We went to the Farmyard at Shelburne Farms – a favorite spot of hers and SUCH a great way to spend a morning….so many different things to do!

Puzzles were first

Then we participated in the chicken parade when they let them out of their coop!

A rooster was crowing right near Fia which she thought was pretty neat 🙂

That night I was back over to head out to dinner….but first we decided that Fia needed to put on some pants 🙂

I had never been to Pizza on Earth – a great little restaurant in Charlotte where you sit outside at picnic tables – a perfect spot for kids and families!

Heading inside to get some gelato

Fia thought it was hilarious to hang onto the spoon with her teeth

The day of Fia’s party it was HOT so before the guests arrived we nipped down to the lake for a dip which was COLD 🙂 but refreshing.

Happy summer memories to start the week 🙂