Fia – 21 Months : VT Kids Photographer

I loved seeing Fia when I was up in Vermont last week – she is getting so close to talking and is developing quite the funny little personality 🙂

Heidi had been away the night before so I convinced Ave to drop her off at my house so we could take a walk with the doggies. After we returned to her house so she could….wade in mud puddles 🙂

Clearly she was telling me something VERY important 🙂

Her expression as Mom drove in – so sweet

She loves the anticipation of being chased

But also has very sweet quiet moments

And sometimes some sleepy moments!

Fun times at the dinner table

She LOVED when Ave blew in her face – she thought it was just the cat’s meow 🙂

We rarely take pictures in her room so this time we did! She liked playing peek a boo in her crib

She also loves “reading” i.e. flipping through books and looking at the pictures 🙂

Here she was reading one of my favorites – The Lupine Lady

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!