Fia : VT Kid’s Photographer

I can’t get enough of photographing Fia – it makes me cringe at the thought of the thousands and thousands of photos I’ll take one day of my own kiddos… will be a challenge to keep all of them organized, up to date, and edited!

When I was up in Vermont in June I went over to Heidi and Ave’s house for dinner and as usual Fia was quite the photogenic subject 🙂

I love how Kenya is perched on the couch behind Fia

The many faces 🙂

We took a drive down to the beach to watch the boat and throw stones.

I think she was laughing at the kitty here 🙂

Stealing from our salad 🙂

Kenya knows exactly how close Fia can get before she hops away out of reach!

Sometimes she takes to the trees to escape!

This truck has logged many miles between Fia and her cousin Rowan!

Watching the tub fill up

Getting splashed by the water

Love this one – it wasn’t so very long ago that the tub was being used for another shoot!

Flying before bed with Daddy

Super kid!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!