Fia’s First Easter Egg Hunt : VT Children’s Photographer

When we were in Vermont we had the pleasure of celebrating Easter with Fia and her family at her Grandparent’s house. Since Fia was still a baby last year this was her first real Easter experience. Despite having an ear infection she made it through Breakfast and seemed to love the hunt 🙂

Saying good morning 🙂

Her Nana has a stool specially set out for Fia to watch the birds and squirrels at the feeder – she finds it pretty fascinating and wanted me and Jeff to come share in the excitement 🙂

After a delicious home cooked breakfast we headed outside for the hunt! Nana and Pops created a very user friendly Easter egg hunt and Fia was delighted as she got the hang of it.

Loved her hat 🙂

At first she didn’t want to let go of the eggs to put them in the basket but as she found more and more she realized she didn’t have a choice 🙂

She got a little help from the spectators 🙂

Mom helps to show her what’s inside (raisins and cranberries!)

At the end of the hunt she wondered what was next – aren’t there going to be more eggs somewhere else? We thought about re-creating it for round 2 but she was pretty sleepy so instead she headed home for a nap 🙂

But not before Nana took a picture of all of us 🙂