First Dance Song Trials and Tribulations

Jeff and I are in the process (as many other wedding related processes are going on at the same time!) of choosing our first dance song.

We think we want something fast because we both love to dance and have more fun dancing to something with a beat.

Between me photographing weddings and attending as a guest I think we’ve been to about 12 this year. Attending this many weddings have given us many ideas about what to do (and not do). Unfortunately each and every one of these has featured a slow first dance song…whaddya gonna do?

So we’ve been thinking and racking our musical minds, and watching sappy movies that feature weddings (ok just me) to get ideas.

And returning from NYC on the train the other day I think I have the perfect idea –

“Still the One” by Orleans

Now perhaps you say this song was written more for a 50th anniversary party than a wedding party, but we will have been together six years + when we get married so I thought there could be some cute message in there about how I love him more than I did then etc. etc.

So all weekend I’m humming the song and imagining us bee bopping around the dance floor.

When I got home tonight I looked up the lyrics:

1st line: We’ve been together since way back when

2nd line: Sometimes I never want to see you again


Maybe not the message we were hoping for on our wedding day.

Back to the drawing board.

Suggestions are WELCOME and ENCOURAGED!!