Fun Dinner

Jeff and I just got home from a fun spontaneous dinner with Carla, Justin & Mary, and Paul. It’s pretty amazing – I’ve known these people since February and such incredible friendships have sprung up.

Tomorrow Carla is moving her studio so today we did some serious purging and she did a PHENOMENAL job of letting so much go. Even though she teases me and tells me I’m a taskmaster I know she feels great that she unloaded so many unnecessary things.

Justin and Mary stopped by in the middle of the afternoon and Mary and Carla were joking that Justin and I were like the angel and devil. I was on one shoulder encouraging her to purge and Justin was on the other shoulder going “well what if you need it? couldn’t you use it?” Luckily due to my powers of persuasion and my evil eyes won out most of the time 🙂

I get on such a high when things are organized and in their place and I love bringing that excitement and energy to other people and helping them move past the stuff and onto what’s really important.

Thank you guys for such a fun dinner – see you tomorrow for our rockstar photo shoot 🙂