Gallery Wraps Unveiled!

A few weeks ago I hung nine gallery wraps at a local OBGYN’s office. The other day I went to hang the 10th (which had gotten lost by UPS!) and took some pictures. One of the rooms was occupied so the baby with the big eyes on my blog header is missing. I’m so psyched to be displaying my work in this way for the first time and am so happy with the positive response so far!

Waiting will hopefully be more pleasant now 🙂

The ultrasound room got 2!

And a huge thank you to my dear engineering husband who helped me hang all of my work – we are quite a team 🙂


We are headed up to the lake to snuggle by the woodstove (wait…it will be me and five guys….maybe I’ll snuggle with Strider!) – I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend everyone!