Garden Engagement Photos :: Ori & Dave

I met up with Ori & Dave at my Dad’s house for their engagement photos on a beautiful beautiful spring morning. It was the first official photo shoot I’ve done in my Dad’s garden and it didn’t disappoint -everything was in full bloom!

They brought along their enormous (but very feminine 😉 ) St. Bernard Phoebe and she had fun trying to keep up with Strider and Sage 🙂 Ori & Dave are getting married in a few weeks in Maine at The John Peters Estate and I can’t wait to celebrate with them! Dave is close friends with Fia’s Dad Ave so it will be great to see them at the wedding.

This first one cracks me up – Phoebe’s scale is so different than Strider & Sage’s – I think she’s about 130 pounds. She doesn’t always realize how big she is and is one big snuggler….a total love 🙂

engaged couple with ivy in background

We thought Strider and Sage were safely in the house but then all of a sudden we see all three careening across the lawn having a grand old time. From that point forward they just hung out with each other and sniffed around the garden – fast friends 🙂

St. Bernard chasing after two yellow labs

Every once in awhile they got in the way and we had to tell them to scram 🙂

Ori & Dave are so natural and sweet together – they made my job very easy!

I loved the light filtering through the trellis

Phoebe was obviously a little tired by this point -I love the sideways tongue 🙂

The perfect tree to rest and have a quiet moment

Well….maybe not SO quiet 🙂

quiet couple under cherry trees

We got so lucky with the trees being in bloom – it had rained the day before and I was so worried there wouldn’t be blossoms left.

Phoebe wanted a turn to be the star 🙂

St. Bernard among cherry blossoms

More glorious morning light

Thanks so much for making it work – I had a great time with both of you!!