Garden Party in Pennsylvania

On Memorial Day Weekend after Lauren & Colin’s lovely wedding I headed south down to visit my Dad and help him organize his garden party. The last two years I couldn’t make it so I knew I needed to be there with bells on 🙂

Despite quite warm temperatures (90+) everyone had a blast and the garden as always looked amazing.
Strider helped greet guests – plopping down on this unsuspecting guy’s leg 🙂

I spy a dog

Sage wasn’t too concerned who was there and decided it was a good time for a dip in the pool 🙂

It was nice to see my Dad rewarded for his many many many hours of hard work in the garden – people were so impressed 🙂

The next day I mistakenly left my camera next to an air conditioning vent so when I went outside this is what happened.

Happy accident though – I loved the effect the foggy lens created

The doggies love playing with their Uncle Jon

Happy Brother who is west coast bound for the next chapter!

The garden at dusk is my favorite time – so beautiful

That night after dinner Dad tried to steal Sage’s chair – she wasn’t having it 🙂

Strider meanwhile was chewing on his ball and unconcerned about much of anything else 🙂

Sage eventually settled down to take a nap

The next morning we were heading off. Dad had been up at 5:30 and the dogs had happily been following him around since then

They were obviously feeling a bit punchy 🙂

Dad had picked some lettuce for me to take home and it was delish

Love this one – Dad caging tomatoes and the dogs waiting to see what’s happening next 🙂