Girls Crafting Weekend Year 3

One of the highlights of my winter for the last two years has been girls crafting weekend. Year 1 was awesome. Year 2 was even better. And now for year 3 we arrived a day early (Thursday night) to maximize our craftiness 🙂

After my crazy organization a few months ago and photographing all the projects I had to do I had a game plan. First on the list were quilting and binding two quilt tops. I love creating the quilt top but then lose steam in a major way – these 2 tops were completed a few weeks after last year’s crafting weekend and have been sitting sadly in my project bag waiting to be completed. Last year I also created a number of pennant banners throughout the winter but lost steam (is this a trend?!) when it came to Halloween and Thanksgiving so that was also on the list.

The dogs came too and they spent most of the weekend sleeping and cuddling while the madness swirled around them 🙂

2 yellow labs snuggle on a couch

I know you’re trying to be productive but can we go for a walk please??!!

yellow lab lies on the ground

Sarah crafted like a madwoman all weekend – broken foot and all!! Strider supervised.

Girl quilting at table with yellow lab

Things were in full swing by Friday night with everyone doing their own thing (including Sarah icing her foot with a bag of frozen peas!) Strider and Jen fell in love 🙂

The next day Jess did her best to scrapbook while Strider and Sage supervised in their own special yellow lab way 🙂

yellow labs lie on floor while girl crafts

More icing of the foot while Strider and Sage nap……I think this is becoming a trend 🙂

Girl reads on couch and snuggles with yellow labs

By Sunday morning some ladies unfortunately had left but we gathered the haul of those that remained and it was pretty impressive! My items are on the left – 2 finished quilt tops, a finished knitted purple hat, a finished landscape quilt, and four banners

Completed DIY crafting projects

Sage clearly approves of all this productivity!

Dog sniffs completed craft projects

The remaining ladies (we were up to nine at one point!) and the results…..dogs… are looking in the wrong direction!!

Girls crafting weekend finished projects

When I got home that afternoon I photographed the items individually

I really love this spooky banner… will be Halloween before we know it 😉

We already have a Merry Christmas banner so I’m considering a banner blog giveaway – what do you think?

This will be our November banner – I didn’t have quite as much of this fabric so had to amend the usual pennant banner design

I took a class from Karen Eckmeier of the Quilted Lizard last winter and created this landscape quilt but hadn’t finished it. Sarah taught me how to miter corner (that was a frustrating learning experience!) and although it’s not perfect as Sarah tells me “Done is beautiful”

Another fall banner – this one might be part of the giveaway too – we’ll see!

And last but not least two finished quilt tops….FINALLY!


Can we do it again soon? Do we really have to wait a whole year? 🙁