Girl’s Day Out!!

Back at the beginning of June I spent a FABULOUS day in Boston with one of my closest girlfriends from High School. Since I’m seeing Sarah again next week (this time to learn how to can tomatoes!!) I figured I better blog our last visit 🙂

We are both HUGE fans of Glee so when we heard about Glee: Live I knew she’d be the perfect person to go with. As it turned out I decided to take Jeff on a surprise date night to the same concert the night before but it was just as good the second night 🙂

Sarah and I decided to make a day out of it so we met first thing in the morning to go to the MFA’s Chihuly exhibit which I had been hearing so much about. It’s only on through August 7th so if you haven’t been get moving! Such amazing work and beautifully displayed.

We had a leisurely lunch, did a bit of shopping, and then met a fellow blogger friend Blair for dinner (yummy and so much fun!) before she kindly dropped us off for the concert.

Some nice teenager took this picture of us – can you tell we’re excited 🙂

Up in the nosebleeds but we’re there!!

Sarah and I both took pictures with our point and shoots but because we were SO far away they aren’t great…but happy memories 🙂

Quinn & Sam singing Lucky in Love

The Warblers singing something awesome (maybe Teenage Dream) – they are so dreamy 🙂 🙂
Rachel and Kurt singing Defying Gravity (if memory serves!)

I am TOTALLY going next year!!!