Girl’s Overnight at the Lake!

A few weeks ago I headed up to the lake on a Thursday night with some of my girlfriends. We get together once a month to chat about life and business and it was nice to have an overnight to really get to spend a chunk of time with each other. We’re all photographers so occasionally we do talk about business 🙂 Mostly though it’s just fun hanging out, keeping one another accountable, and catching up on our lives.

On the way up we stopped at the Scoop 🙂
Carla updates her status 🙂

The four stooges 🙂

Nikki, Jane, Carla, and moi!

We all love playing games so there was much Skip-Bo, Bananagrams, and Yahtzee played 🙂

Cosmos are an obvious accompaniment to the game playing 🙂

Near sunset (although there really was no sunset to speak of) we headed down to the water

Nikkie recently got engaged (woot woot!!!) so we shot a champagne cork off the dock in celebration. I turned at the exact right moment – Sage clearly didn’t want us to litter the cork 🙂

Good friends means lots of laughs

The light and fog was just beautiful

A little triple prom pose to end the evening

Thank goodness for good girlfriends 🙂