Go Patriots!!

My Dad and I had a date to watch the Patriots game this afternoon but he ended up napping through most of it ☺ As a result I watched it with the other George in the room and we enjoyed seeing the Patriots emerge victorious….this is a good year to be a sports fan in New England! This evening he perked up to watch the Giants win in overtime.

In other news – who knew that you could order pizza for delivery to a hospital? I was tired of cafeteria food so thought I’d treat myself to a nice pineapple bacon pizza from Domino’s….yum! They also now outsource all their ordering (or at least ordering for this Baltimore Domino’s). I ordered through a voice-activated menu and then confirmed my address with an operator who was not hanging out at the local branch of Domino’s (unless that local branch happens to be in India)! Amazing the changes the world is going through.

It looks like I’ll be down here through the end of the week, which will hopefully mean I’ll get to see my Dad come home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon or Friday.

He and I are very similar – we like order, habit, crossing things off of our list i.e. we get frustrated when it takes longer than “normal” to get better!! 🙂 He’s kept his spirits up though and the nurses here are very kind – especially his night nurse Rose who comes in and chats with us every few hours.

Life is certainly different at a hospital and it gives me a renewed respect and admiration for the Doctors and Nurses who tirelessly help our loved ones get better and support them and their families during what can be a very difficult time. THANK YOU.