Granby Family Photographs

Last week I met up with this awesome family at the tobacco fields in Granby. Sarah and I are in the Junior League together so it was fun to see her in Mom mode 🙂 With five little ones under the age of ten she has her hands full but all of her kids are so sweet and cooperative with each other- it was fun to see their different personalities come out.
It can be challenging to coordinate so many people without totally matching but I thought she and Spencer did a great job picking out outfits – everyone looked coordinated 🙂 We did a few posed shots but mostly the kids just played with the toys they had brought – balls, bats, frisbees, and jump-ropes – it worked out perfectly!
Lucy was the baby for awhile before Oliver came along – Jillian is the second oldest and very spunky.
Lucy, Maggie, Jillian, Oliver, and Abigail – the fabulous five 🙂
Some of the kids were very into striking a pose and others (Lucy and Oliver basically) were for the most part pretty disinterested in me 🙂
All together now 🙂
The baby – a very tolerant little guy of his four older sisters loving him and dragging him around – he just picks right up and keeps going 🙂
Love these three 🙂
A little silliness is always in order 🙂
Ms. Independent Lucy with Chief and Chief (the dogs….one is good and the other is bad!)
The tobacco barns provided an amazing backdrop
Love this one of Spencer with the kids
They went along cheerfully with my idea to be in the fields – needless to say our feet were quite dirty at the end of it!
I love how the blue shirts brought out the brilliant blue of the girl’s eyes.
Peeking through the barns….some weren’t crazy about the spiderwebs in the window!!
And playing in the netting that protects the crop from birds (I think that’s why….I should have asked Spencer!)
Clearly by this point things are getting silly 🙂 The kids were thrilled by the treat of riding in the back of Dad’s truck
One more family photo now that the light has dropped below the trees making everything more even
I love Lucy 🙂
What a view!
A parting shot of Oliver all strapped in 🙂

I had such a great time with all of you 🙂